Pen FT 40mm f1.4 worth it?

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Re: Pen FT 40mm f1.4 worth it?

XA4 wrote:

can you give some tips about taking apart Pen-F lenses? On the back I see 2 screwheads, should I start there? Any springs that can jump out?

Don't touch the two black screws. You can take out the rear element when you use a tool which fits the two little holes in the ring that holds the rear element. But it is easier to take the lens a bit apart first. In that case, you have to unscrew the mount plate which is hold by three screws. Then take apart the rear element and clean it. When you reassemble the lens, you have to hold the diaphragm mechanism with a toothpick before you can put on the mount plate. It is not too complicated, but you need the right tools and enough skills to assemble a lens without getting dust in.

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