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Re: Split this forum by brand -- nope

Triggr Happy wrote:

Gato Amarillo wrote:

I think most of us are interested in both brands. Not to mention topics such as 3rd party lenses and legacy lenses which apply to both. As to which draws the most interest on any given week, it depends on which has the hotter new camera out.

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Not so. Hot new camera in this format right now is GH3 and every thread about it gets completely ignored. Compare that to the hype in this forum when OM-D was announced and that hype still continues.

GH3 doesn't exist yet.
It's not clear when it will be shipped and no serious photography sites have reviewed production version. What do you want to discuss about GH3? There was "GH3, where are you..." thread recently and you didn't bother to show up.

Perhaps you don't see many Panasonic threads because Panasonic hasn't recently released anything that appeals to masses? And many people switched and switching from Panasonic to Olympus, particularly OM-D?
Then separating Panasonic into separate forum would just result boring forum, wouldn't it?

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