Looking for a pocketable companion beside the D7k

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Re: Looking for a pocketable companion beside the D7k

vkyr2 wrote:

I emphasized above that "The V1 is tempting for the EVF and the bargain hunter in me..." since I believe that's the main point which brings the System 1 into account at all today. Especially here maybe also for Nikon shooters which plan to reuse some of their dSLR lenses. However, if it wouldn't be actually a bargain, it wouldn't IMO catch up so much attention at all!

You're right.  Every time I look at it again (​only​ $400 !!!) I stop and tell myself: you're only looking because it's so cheap.  I can start to rationalize a little: EVF ... 35/1.8 makes a nice portrait prime ... 70-200/2.8 makes a great tele (there's a wildlife shot in the 2013 Nikon calendar taken with this combo) ... but then I bring up camerasize.com, see that it's bigger than my Sony NEX-5 (not quite as deep, but not far off) and realize that it's not solving a problem.  Most of the purchasing-related mistakes I've made in the past have occurred when I've tried to save money rather than just buying what I want.

- Dennis

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