$710 for 17mm f/1.8? Crazy overpriced

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Re: $710 for 17mm f/1.8? Crazy overpriced

ulmer wrote:

Adamant wrote:


I feel like I should buy a 45/1.8 for $399 before Olympus realizes their pricing mistake on that one.

I hear you! The 45mm is plastic rather than metal and I think has less exotic glass, so I think it justifies it's lower price.

The 17mm is supposed to be a higher-end, metal-bodied lens so it's $$$. Hopefully it performs better than the first batch of pics posted here.

Can I have the plastic and less exotic glass version of the 12/2, 17/1.8 and 75/1.8?
I am VERY happy with the IQ of 45/1.8

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