Who's moved from a dSLR to FZ200?

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Re: Who's moved from a dSLR to FZ200?

thygocanberra wrote:

Hi, I'm a visitor to the Panny forum. I have a Nikon D60 and a Nikon D90 and a small collection of lenses.

I have been looking at the specs and experiences of the FZ200 which seems to offer quite a lot in a compact package, and wondering if this would be a viable alternative to dSLR.

The FZ200 offers a lot in the terms of a superzoom camera. F2.8 throughout the zoom, 28-600mm zoom, Image stabilization. Can shoot in RAW. A great superzoom camera.

Others made the same choice?

No I have not replaced my DSLR - a Canon 7D with lots of glass. The FZ200 is a good camera but doesn't match the quality of the Canon 7D. One advantage of the FZ200 is the weight - therefore it goes more places with me.

I like what the D90 can do but I often find that its bulk (this is of course relative) makes be reluctant to take it out and about. The D60 is a nice size but lags the new kids in high ISO and AF performance. I would like to have more lenses (macro, tele) but the budget won't allow that.

The FZ200 is not that good at high ISO - My opinion is ISO 400 is about the best you can get. I have seen some ISO 800 shots that looked good on the screen but it certainly does not match the DSLRs sensor size and higher ISO capabilities. The AF performance is excellent. Again a DSLR with the right lenses gets better action shots than the FZ200 - my opinion only. Macro on the FZ200 is excellent.

I like to (try to) take bird shots.

Things that I wonder about the FZ200 (and other bridge cameras) is the high ISO performance, the ability to cropand preserve resolution, EVF vs optical viewfinder, shooting moving targets

You might be disappointed in the high ISO of the FZ200 - as I stated previously I think that ISO 400 is about the highest I would go (remember its got a smaller sensor than DSLRs). You might find that ISO 800 is useable - depends on your expectations of noise levels. I find that I cannot crop the way I can with my Canon 7D so I try to take the picture correctly with the FZ200 camera so as minimal cropping in post processing. Viewfinder is excellent. Flip LCD is excellent. Shooting moving targets harder than with a DSLR but can be done. Birds in flight might be a challenge - its a challenge even with a quality DSLR and quality lenses.  Fine details not as good as a DSLR with top quality lenses. But remember you are paying about $600.00 for a FZ200 whereas a Canon 7D and a 70-300L lens is close to $4000.00.

The FZ-200 has constant f2.8 but is it true you can't go beyond f8 ?


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