FZ200 at low light dance competition...

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Re: FZ200 at low light dance competition...

Juggler wrote:

Hi Rudy,

ACtually, you don't need a 5D mkII and 2.8 lenses. As the depth of field of FZ200 is much larger than 5DII because of the tiny sensor, even a 5.6 lens gives you a shallower DOF. For light gathering capacity, to use high ISO gives the same advantage to the DSLR because of the cleaner high ISOs.

So, most probably you can get more or less similar results with a Nikon D5200 + 18-300mm lens. You don't have to use a teleconverter as at 300mm, D5200 has already 450mm Field of view and it is 24mp, so if you crop it to 12 mp, most probably you can reach 600mm field of view.

So the alternative is not that expensive (i think that combo is about 2000-2500usd) but still four times more expensive, four times heavier, most probably the video on FZ200 would be much better in terms of both AF and fps, and lastly, FZ200 can do HD high speed video. I still vote for FZ200.



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Melih: First let me state for the record, that it appears to me you're a first class photographer. Although I have been taking pictures a along time, and I own a Panasonic FZ200, I doubt that I could have captured the pictures that you did. But it would be fun trying. I guess I will have to find a local dance contest and give it a whirl. It should at least be educational.

As Rudy has pointed out, and others have verified, the major thing that I like about the FZ200 is the fact that you can do so many things with such a small and light package. This is the first time I have ever had an f2.8 lens (across is complete focal length) with greatly extended reach. All of the telephoto lenses that I have for my inter-changeable lens cameras are much slower. The only fast zoom lenses I have are on point and shoot cameras, and thus have much less reach. But the fascinating thing about this camera to me is its very fast and accurate AF, coupled with its very good shake reduction mechanism, and the small and light size factors mentioned previously, make this the best camera I have ever owned, and I have owned quite a few.

Folks who don't believe this is a great camera, or at least a very good one, don't seem to me to be trying very hard to make good photographs (or in some cases do not own the camera). Just a personal opinion of course.


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