Spectacular new 35mm F1.4!

Started Nov 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Spectacular new 35mm F1.4!

I wonder if it can match the old 35/1.4 Zeiss (C/Y) which i had bought  34 years ago. Is trerribly sharp even at 2.0 in the corner, lmost no light-fall off on FF at 2.0. OM 35/2.0 was crap, at least the one i had. Others were better. That was one of the reasons switching to contax. Meanwhile the seem to learn the lesson. One most have enlarged b+w-film used in difficult light to see the quality. When time is ripe i would get one cam to do Nikon-conversion, the other one with c/y-conversion. Would then buy sigma-nikon-35/1.4.

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