My most Difficult Panorama so far. ZS19 + PSE 8. Tenmangû Shrine, Kyoto.

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Re: My most Difficult Panorama so far. ZS19 + PSE 8. Tenmangû Shrine, Kyoto.

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

DutchMate wrote:

I tripod might help but i hate sleppin them arround. I also saw they were not allowed where you were.

What?! Why would tripods be prohibited anywhere? How pervasive is this phenomenon?

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As I stated, elsewhere, particularly in Japan, where one removes one's shoes when entering a building, tripods - most of which have metal spikes in the feet that can be retracted, often are NOT retracted.

The floors in these ancient Temples and Shrines are often hundreds of years old, unfinished wood, and some inconsiderate person with a tripod could do great damage.

As an example, the Nijo-Ji palace in Kyoto burned to the ground in 1750 and was finally re-built in 1893, so the squeaky "nigtingale floors" are 110 years old, and are so worn by just people in Stocking feet, that the grain is easy to feel with your feet as you walk around.

So - as usual - a few incnosiderate people ruin things for all of us. In Nijo-Ji the caretakers solved the entire problem: NO Photos at all, and you are never out of a guard's sight!

In Japan, you are expected to obey the rules, period.

I don't read Japanese, but I'm pretty sure the first 2 characters on the left stand for "3", and "Feet", or "Legs", something like that, and the last character symbolizes something like:"Stop", that I did figure out.

By watching things carefully, I was able to figure out 1or 2 characters per day - the numbers are easy - just study a list.

Perhaps Rick ("Snap") can tell us in detail what it says, but the Red Circle makes it pretty clear.


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