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Re: Another happy 35-100 owner

The point of my original post was to simply supply some sample shots using this lens, primarily at f/2.8 (which is indeed 2 stops faster than any other MFT zoom on the market) not to start another thread arguing whether f/2.8 is f/2.8 - there are plenty of those available for those who wish to discuss the merits of that argument.

I'm aware that the DOF at a given focal length of the MFT system is not the same as that of the full frame system, or of the crop sensor DSLR. I'm aware that the 75mm prime is sharper than this lens - none of that information is helpful when trying to ascertain how this lens performs - wide open or otherwise. For me, it's a portrait and event lens - it's very well built, plenty sharp for portraits, there's no other M43 lens that competes with it (no zoom that is constant aperture) - comparing a 5.6 lens to a 2.8 lens is a pointless comparison @f/2.8 - if you don't understand why you would need a 2.8 lens then you probably don't need a 2.8 lens. if 5.6 is fast enough for your work then it simply comes down to whether this lens is worth the money because you deem it sharper or if the build is worth the extra cash. If you don't see a difference at comparable apertures then don't spend the money - it isn't worth the extra cost.

I'm a big fan of primes - I use the 25mm f/1.4 quite a lot - two more stops of light (starting at f/2.8) into the camera - sensor size not withstanding. I'm often in circumstances where f/1.4 isn't fast enough - it wasn't fast enough with my D700 either - I used flash with it as well. The point I guess is that the primes have their place, the zooms have their place. A constant aperture lens like the 35-100 has it's place but for a lot of users of the M43 system it's probably not the lens for them - it's hard to justify $1500 for a lens for a lot of people - It's only the second M43 lens I've bought that actually feels like a professional lens - the first was the 12-35, the 25 f/1.4 and the 45 f/1.8 both feels pretty cheap in comparison - I haven't yet handled the 75mm lens yet, I assume it's better built than the 25 or 45.

I had simply hoped to supply a few more samples for anyone interested to view, to help them decide whether they wanted to spend the money on this lens.

I apologize if this sounds like a rant, I just don't see the point of rehashing the same subjects again - The horse, it's dead Jim...

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