A few eagle photos with Olympus OM 350mm f2.8, OMD EM5

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Great pictures, great advice...

Both of which are greatly appreciated.

We actually happened upon a pair of bald eagles, perched in trees right beside the road, on a nasty, blustering-snow day just last week.  We live on an acreage just south of Saskatoon, and were driving into town, noticing the forlorn looking clumps of Canada geese, ducks and Sandhil Cranes in the increasingly snowy wheat-stubble on one side of the road when I noticed a huge black shape two thirds of the way up a beech tree on the other.  I alerted my wife to the "obscenely large raven" and she replied "stop!  It's a bald eagle.  As I stopped and started to back up she again told me to stop because I was causing it to fly away.  I was confused, because the big bird was still sitting in the tree, until I looked out the window and up to see the (other) eagle that she had seen make a brief loop, and land back on the top of the same conifer it had taken off from.  And a more careful look, did indeed confirm that the stationary bird, too, was an eagle.

Of course bulky the grip-equipped E-5 and 1.4TC supplemented 150f2 which I use to shoot birds had been left at home, and we were both too pressed for time, and reluctant to further disturb these beautiful birds to make the drive back. Your use of these pictures is a revelation. It makes me realize that I could easily have packed along  my E-M5 in its little bag with the FT 70-300 and FT to mFT adapter and have been perfect;y equipped to take a few pictures of the experience.

BTW You really know how to use the OM-D, but there are probably a couple of further pointers on optimizing this immensely adaptable little camera for action shooting the STEVEHUFFPHOTO site.



Your wonderful photos have also inspired me to start another thread a few of the pictures of Sandhill Cranes I'd taken with my E-5/150 rig a few days before they, and all the birds hunkering in the snow on "eagle day" left for the year.

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