No bailouts for Sony, Panasonic, or Sharp

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Re: No bailouts for nobody

remylebeau wrote:

Sony is doing fine I have shares and the reports if you look into them they're doing some very complex things with their assets and finances.

In the past year alone they put out nearly 1 billion to buy Ericsson's share in the Sony/Ericsson brand so it's 100% Sony owned now. Plus the $300+ million they spend to be the largest shareholder in Olympus.

They're pretty secure in that they are supplies of many parts to many companies, and their diverse portfolio makes it hard for them to sink OR swim.

Sony Music took a hit but Sony movies did very well this year. Sony actually has a credit/finance business that's quite large and quite profitable.

So overall they're trimming the fat I'd say and focusing on what works. And do your relief I hope they believe in digital media, and are focusing top priority in gaining shares in the camera and video camera markets.

The NEX brand is quite new and already almost neck and neck with Panasonic/Olympus in mirrorless sales. Plus their new video camera line is seriously threatening Canon's, Panasonics and Red's market.

Sony is pretty diverse so that's both a strength and an hinderance at times, but corrections are good and it looks like they're adjusting in the right direction.

Sony is too diverse when it comes to the camera business. Even with their hands full with Alpha and NEX, there are rumors of them coming out with a FF E-mount system. That would make A-mount users a little worried about Sony's commitment to the A-mount and filling out the gaps in the 'system', some which have been around from the start.

Sony seems to be too interested in coming out with new categories, and not completing what they've started.

They're running around and around in circles, and not fixing the problems they have, before creating more problems.

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