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To everyone that denies the dust problem

I've had dust on my sensor since day one. I've asked for advice on this forum when I first noticed the problem, and I was told that this was to be expected on any Nikon DSLR and to just clean my sensor and that the problem would go away in time. It has now been over 4000 shots and the symptoms are exactly the same. Every hundred shots I have multiple dust spots that appear. While this may not be bothersome to some, I shoot a lot of landscape, which means high f stop and sky at the top of the frame, so the spots do show in my pictures. I recently went on a ten days vacation. I thought that it would be impractical to use the brush in hotel rooms, and that with a blower I should be able to get rid of most of the dust. Boy was I wrong: after only two days there were a dozen dust spots on my sensor, and most of them wouldn't blow away. I would have laughed the state of my sensor at the end of my trip if I hadn't paid so much for this camera. Now I have hundreds of shots I need to apply spot removal to.

I've been following these topics with great interrest as I don't have a lot of faith in Nikon service, and I would like to know that they have acknowledged the problem and found a fix before putting my camera into service, instead of waiting for a few weeks for them to just tell me there is no problem and they just cleaned the sensor. I agree that there have been too many different topics opened on this issue instead of keeping the discussion under a few topics, however the only people that can help with this would be moderators who could merge topics to keep things clear. I don't see how having people arguing that this is not a problem helps with anything. I'm trying to get information on a real problem that my camera has and that is causing me trouble in my use of it, and now I have to sift through dozens of posts of people arguing that I don't have a problem and that Nikon will not and should not try to fix my problem.

Now a few notes about some of the arguments I've heard from the deniers.

So far I've been able to clean everything with a brush so this is not oil. So to those who say that there is a finite amount of oil in the camera, and hence the problem must stop at some point, it is not true at least in my case. I do have that scratch mark under the mirror, so if the spots on my sensor are little chips of paint I figure the problem could last until all the paint has chipped (and then I've got an even bigger problem).

For those who use car analogies, well if you really have to use a car analogy try to create one that makes some sense. Saying that this problem is like returning a car to the dealer because there's ash in the ashtray, or oil on the windshield, or dirt under the car does not make any sense, and is either stupid or dishonnest. These analogies would apply if someone was complaining that they openened their new camera and there were some fingerprints on the screen protector, or dust on the lenscap. Now as others have pointed out a good analogy for the sensor dust problem would be if your new car spilled some oil, and you had to top up the oil every hundred miles to keep it going. Also the car warranty specified that you could only have the oil topped up by the car dealer at a premium price, otherwise your warranty is void if you top up the oil yourself.

For those who say that they only shoot at f/1.4, and that they never have a bit of sky at the top of their frame anyway, please realise that not everyone takes the same kind of pictures as you. For example for my landscape photography this is definitely a problem that shows up. And for those who say it is stupid to take pictures of walls or the sky at f/22, please realise that this is much easier to ascertain the cleanliness of the sensor that way and show the problem to others, rather than attaching a landscape picture to your post and trying to point out at which portions of the sky show the issue.

So in summary I have no idea why so many people spend so much energy trying to deny that my camera has a problem. It has a problem, and I want Nikon to fix it. I also want to communicate with others that have the same problem to know if they could fix it and how. This is one of the reasons why forums exist. The only result people who post that there is no problem are achieving is that it takes me more time to find the information I want, and that others with the problem may be more inclined to create yet one more post about the same issue because the previous ones have been polluted by so many posts saying there is no problem.

Finally, to those who advise us to get on with our lives and just go take pictures instead of trying to find a solution to our problem, well, please just do that. Go take pictures with your D600, just enjoy your camera and don't post on the dust threads. This will save everyone's time.

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