with low light performance of the 5n, what is the appeal of full-frame?

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sean lancaster
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Re: with low light performance of the 5n, what is the appeal of full-frame?

FuzzyQball wrote:

I have no experience with FF, but I would think it depends on what you are going to do with your photos. I can see pros wanting one. The vast majority of the rest of us have no real need. IMHO. Poster size prints would benefit, but I wonder how many of us do that?

I guess I don't think I'll do it with any shot I take purposefully, but I like having the option when I get ones that I really, really like . . . like this one I put up last week:

I'd rather keep my options open than close them off completely just because I don't print this size often. That being said, I was able to accomplish this with my 5N so there's that, too.

I don't even think it needs to be a pro versus amateur issue . . . some of us enjoy the hobby enough to just want the best quality we can afford. I gain great satisfaction in being able to shoot the image that I visualize in my head when setting up a shot even if most of my photos are just being posted to Flickr.

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