DPR K5II vs K5IIs Studio Shots are Up

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Re: DPR K5II vs K5IIs Studio Shots are Up

Lawnmower Shooter wrote:

rogerstpierre wrote:

Surprised there are no more replies yet. Interesting, and nice to see. It definitely highlights the moiré effect without the AA filter (also interesting how DPR chose the default position to highlight that difference, well chosen, I could have missed it otherwise). Interesting to see how the 16Mpix APS-C is more vulnerable to moiré than the 36Mpix FF of the D800E, though not a fair comparison. While I see the difference in added crispness in the IIs, sample, I am less convinced of the added value, i.e. how much crispness can be added to the II sample with a bit more fine tuning of the sharpening as I see no more details in the IIs sample, just a tad sharper actually. Perhaps the benefit is more obvious in landscapes, as we've mostly seen to date.

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I just noticed this thread. I can say as I had wondered before, the IIs has less, or at least smaller, noise grain. Maybe this is just each pixel not bleeding over to the next, but the appearance is of less noise. Maybe the lack of a standard LPF blocks less actual light and allows for less iso gain? I would be interested to know exactly why this is, but there is a definite difference. I will also say, the original K5 looks slightly worse than the II, and the II looks slightly worse than the IIs.


It's hard to compare the K-5 to either of the K-5 II(s) as the 'II''s are focussed a little further frontward than the K-5, which seems to be focussed on the background surface.

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