If V1/J1 has no future and Thom Hogan thinks DX owners should/will upgrade to FX . . .

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Re: Old Geezer Speaks!!

Billx08 wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

I have a D200 with a 70-300 lens and an SB-800 flash. It is getting too heavy to carry on my shoulder 7 days a week for 2 to 3 weeks on each trip I take. Technology indicates it is time for me to update. My age indicates it is time to find something lighter.

You obviously haven't purchased Thom's Guide for Geezers. Switching to lighter gear is only one of the possible options. A second is to hire a pack mule for 2 to 3 weeks instead of beingone. A third is to be one of the "fully connected" that DPReview is suddenly, cravenly, catering to. Get an iPhone, iPad or Android device and toss away your DSLR chains!

I tried the pack mule idea years ago and my wife said she was not going to carry my equipment. The iphone has a place - but not in my camera bag.


Thom, who writes great camera manuals, may be correct about people moving to FX. But in my opinion, there will be many downsizing, especially with technology permitting this with little or no loss in camera ability. Listen to your elders!

I'm not sure that Thom is exactly saying that people are moving to FX. Some are, mainly because of Nikon's two recent entries that are so much more affordable than the D3s and D3x. I believe that he's also saying that there's migration to smaller alternatives than DX, including Sony's NEX, Samsung's NX, and all of the m4/3 lines, and don't forget Nikon's own 1 Series cameras that suddenly have the lenses and/or lens roadmap that some doubted would ever arrive. FWIW, my FX DSLR shows that I haven't downsized there, but I did downsize in that my 10mp V1 and 20mp NX are getting a lot more use than my larger, heavier and older D300.

Even when I was younger I did not always carry my camera with me because of the size and weight. The old geezer saying is that the best camera is the one you have with you, not the one at home.

Sorry I am 4 days late responding but  I missed seeing you post: Old Geezer Eyes.

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