SX50 - HandHeld NightScene - Pleiades and Orion Nebula

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Re: SX50 - HandHeld NightScene - Pleiades and Orion Nebula

MarioV wrote:

Thanks Angie. I know they arent impressive looking..I am just surprised it managed to capture something If I get the time, I will try with a tripod - I'm just not sure that ISO 80 will be enough to pull out the stars to even frame them. 15 seconds of exposure should be enough to get an image. Maybe frame them with ISO 6400, then once you are set, return to ISO 80 and expose for the 15 seconds. Might just work. Good luck

I haven't tried it in a week or two, but it is to my understanding that I couldn't adjust the ISO to 6400 while using a slow shutter speed (such as 15 seconds)! There was a message that came up on my screen to do with that. Have you tried it yet? Maybe I'm not doing something correctly. I think that when CHDK is available for the SX50, it might remedy that problem.

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