images: A900 vs A99 RAW high ISO comparison

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Re: images: A900 vs A99 RAW high ISO comparison

Standard settings are better for some sensors and bad for another. Each sensor has his own tonal curve, wb, contrast and saturation. And small adjustments have a big impact on the result.

I personally think that it is not possible to make conclusions on comparisons with standard settings. The Nikon D600 looks better in LR4 than the A99 with the standard settings. Adjust the exposure, contrast, wb and contrast to match the picture of the D600 and they look similar.

Adjusting the above sample of the A900 to match the same exposure, contrast, wb and saturation of the A99 sample and the comparison could be quite different.

We have the same problem with the comparison of raw convertors with their own standard settings. The final result is more the result of the experience of a user to tune the program for a specific sensor.

The sony IDC has by example the reputation to extract less detail and to create a more coarse and grainier noise pattern. The program is not user friendly and it is not easy to figure out how the settings for sharpness and noise reduction work. But it is possible to create a result that is very close in detail and noise as with LR4, but with better colors.

The first example here is a 6400 iso file of the A900, resampled to 6mp (50%) to save some bandwith and giving a better impression on how it prints. Converted with LR4.

A900 converted with lr4, saved as 6mp jpeg - 6400 iso

The second is a studio shot from ir with the A99 at 3200 iso, also resampled at 6mp. Converted with the Sony idc. Colors are better than with LR, look at the red swatches and green leaves. Despite the reputation of the idc the deep tones and shadows have smooth transitions and there is enough detail.

A99 converted with sony idc, saved as 6mp jpeg - 3200 iso

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