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I'm a little lost

ChefAlex wrote:

Hi all, this will be my last thread in the NEX forum. I have just sold my NEX 7 and all the gear I had for it. I love the comfort of the small size and quality of the build, tri-navi and other features but the low light capabilities were killing me. At ISO 400, there would be considerable amount of noise in the photos and PP took too much time and effort.

I am moving over Canon as I have already started using their glass. One question for you would be, which camera body to choose? 60d, 7d, 650d or maybe another suggestion?

I've thought about it Alex, but that's all. The only thing that makes sense is to go full frame, not APS-C. I would find that a complete waste of time and money.

Even DPR said about the m4/3 OMD EM-5, there is only one way to go, full frame because APS-C is not a big enough jump and thats with an m4/3 camera.

You must know what I take with bird shots and heres the thing, I use exclusively ISO 200 and ISO 400. I have to virtually crop every image I take and sometimes by a lot, I never hide the fact and what happens with that is, I get to pixel peep and see noise enlarged more than most people on here. ISO 400 is pretty darn good Alex, not perfect in a heavy crop, but no worse than any other APS-C for the sensor the NEX-7 has. It also holds the details when heavily cropped and I would throw it up against a 7D any day. In fact I do in nature forums I post to as well. Most Canon and Nikon nature shooters cannot believe the IQ from the 7. The glass helps I use as well though.

So for me, there is only one jump and its not one I will take, thats to go full frame and even then, the NEX is pretty much up there with who and what i post next to.

All the best Alex, interesting but you must do what you feel is right. Take a bit more time on deciding though.


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