Talk to me about focal length and Nex

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Re: Talk to me about focal length and Nex

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To get the equivalent of 16mm on a 35mm camera on a Nex you would need a Lens that Sony would label roughly 11mm?

yes! 16/1.5 = 10.66.

This would be the new 10-18 that Sony is releasing. The other way to think of the 35mm equivalent is what they would be on full frame cameras. So the 10/18 on the Nex system, and for that matter a D7000 or 7D or any other APS C sensor, would actually be, when used on a Nex, the same size as a 15-27mm lens on say, the 5d MKII.

The ideal 35mm lens on the Nex system is the 24mm Zeiss. This gives the 35 (well 36) mm range on a FF camera.

This is typically seen as a disadvantage but when using longer focal lengths the crop factor actually really helps in the APS-C range. For instance, a 300mm lens on a full frame camera will get you 300mm. However if you bought a 200mm lens for a Nex camera, it would equate to the 300mm full frame lens.(which would be more expensive)

Just recently I was reading a post from a guy on here who wanted to go FF but was reluctant to because he was used to the additional reach that crop factor was giving him on his Nex 7. It was upsetting to think that he would have to spend a good deal more money getting a more expensive lens to compensate for the 300mm lens he had been using that was giving him the 450mm equivalent reach.

I don't understand why people would consider FF to be a disadvantage based on lens length. I find it much harder to find good glass under 35mm than over 35mm.

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