Which wide angel lens for D800 (also posted in the lens section)

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Re: Don't rule out f2.8 for landscape

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Hello D800 users and others.

I have decided to invest in a wide angle lens for mainly landscape photography. I have read several tests of Nikons two lenses; 14-24 f2.8 and 16-35 f4 VR. There are pros and cons against both. I have read very good reviews of both.

The lens are to be used on my D800. I all ready have the 24-70 f2.8.

I dont think the difference in f-number (2.8 vs 4) might be relevant to me, as the main use will be landsvape photography. The 16-35mm has alot og barrel distortion in the wide end where I will use it most, but as I read it, it is easily corrected in Lithroom etc.

Do you, experienced users, have any thoughts and experiences with these lenses, especialy when mountred on a D800?

I'm looking forward to hear from you.

The link below is a D3x/24-70G combo @f2.8. I didn't particularly need f2.8 for this specific shot; it was taken as part of a D3x/24-70G vs. 5D2/24-70L II comparison. I know that the 24-70 is NOT the 14-24G but this post is about f2.8 and I just happen to have the image. I've haven't pursued the use of f2.8 a whole bunch in landscape though it has come up but it will also appear occasionally when using Tv and bracketing and the results work well.

In scenes like this where the closest object is at infinity (24mm), the only detriment to using f2.8 IMO is vignetting and corner performance. These can be managed or trimmed away and still be left with huge amounts of resolution.

Large file, uprocessed save for 25% sharpening in ACR. Processing (at least sharpening) on the viewer's end is advisable.


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What's up with the right hand side? The left is sharp enough for 2.8, but the right side is terrible!

The right side?  is terrible? That's a childish observation. There's something amiss but it's not the whole right side.

The occasion of the comparison was prompted by receiving the new Canon 24-70 II. The 24-70 II actually exhibited the behavior you think you see here and I returned it for an exchange.

Look again, this time more carefully, and try to write something mature.

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