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Re: This is goodbye

Sorry if I'm wrong, but your post sounds a bit "troll-like" to me. =;-)

If noise was such a big deal, I would not expect you to sell your NEX-7 and not know your new camera. Selling your camera is a big deal and you have to research if that makes sense at all.

The cameras that you mention do not perform better in terms of noise. So you may have been too quickly jumping into action.

Have a look at the DPREVIEW test of the NEX 7 and compare to the Canon 7D for example.

NEX-7 left compared to EOS 7D right JPG @ISO3200

I think the NEX-7 outperforms the 7d at ISO 3200.

NEX-7 left compared to EOS 5DIII right JPG @ISO3200

I think the NEX-7 even delivers equal results with the 5d Mark III at ISO 3200!

NEX-7 left compared to EOS 7D right JPG @6400

Even at ISO 6400 the NEX-7 has less noise but also more blur. If you tune down the noise reduction on the NEX-7 you probably get the result of the 7d.

NEX-7 left compared to EOS 5DIII right JPG @ISO6400

The full frame 5d Mark III clearly outperforms the NEX-7 at ISO 6400.

With RAW the NEX-7 shows just more noise @ ISO 3200 compared to the 7d:

NEX-7 left compared to EOS 7D right RAW @ISO3200

But if you reduce the NEX-7 to the 7d crop the difference is still there but less clear. Here I reduced the NEX-7 to the size of the 7d and put the 7d result behind it on the left side:

NEX-7 left compared to EOS 7D right RAW @ISO3200

Bottom line: I think you probably need a full frame camera that is 3x more expensive than the NEX-7 to achieve better results at ISO6400.

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I'm a peaceful person looking for clarity and harmony and willing to help. If you believe my post had the intention to harm you in some way, you are probably wrong. =;-) Please verify first before assuming something bad happened to you. I can be a bit too brief at times. =;-)

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