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Re: Wider Lens Re: Canon Produce too much camera model

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They do produce a lot of models. When I was shopping for a P&S for my wife, it took me a few months to narrow it down between similar models.

Agree, there is a lot to choose from.

Similar size and weight but

different sensors : CCD vs BSI-CMOS

different MP count: 10-16Mp

different zoom range: 25-500mm

different body colors.

However, they all deliver pretty much the same IQ (premium models aside, like S- and G-series)

I see many Canon starting from 28mm.

many of panasonic start from 25mm

I think people start realizing the wider lens benefits. and I hope canon can consider 24 or 25mm for many PS cameras

Just check

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS with 25-500mm ImageStabilized lens in the supersmall body

It got Product of the Year 2012 Award

And it got decent DPReview score

ImageQuality is very good from ISO100-400, it has great DynamicRange and sharp zoom lens.

Price about $180-200

Yes, I hope canon produce more camera with wider lens like that. but with better things.

looking at review


  • Critical image quality somewhat lacking at 100%
  • Some highlight clipping and purple fringing (try using i-Contrast to reduce the former)
  • Redeye a problem (though it can be removed in playback mode)
  • Autofocus performance lags behind the competition; camera struggled to focus in low light at times
  • ISO locked at 100 at shutter speeds below 1 second
  • Enthusiasts will bemoan lack of RAW support, bracketing, white balance fine-tuning, and a live histogram
  • Video quality is a little choppy; no manual controls available
  • Below average battery life

I hope they will fix it on newer model beginning of 2013

Agree, there is a lot of room for improvement.

When we look at $150-250 price segment,

most of the cameras lack something in one or another way.

25-500mm zoomrange for a $200 pocketable 33mm thick compact sound very tempting.

Unfortunately it does not shoot RAW. And it has other flaws as well...

For this market I think Panasonic TZ still win/ better

Yes, Panas TZ30 is a very good one.

Hopefully, camera manufacturers will start introducing bighter lenses into their compact models.

Having an option of $200-300 ultra-compact camera

with the f1.4-f3.2 24-145mm lens on a 1/2.3' BSI-CMOS sensor would be great to have.

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