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Re: Questions about the front cover

FrankyM wrote:

I've been thinking about the cover photos. I guess that the front cover should have a title and that makes me think that, ideally, photos taken for the front cover should take into account where the title(s) is going to go, rather like for advertising photographs. The rear cover obviously doesn't need this space.

What do people think?

Secondly what would the front page title(s) be? I'm asking because I have a idea for an entry in which I would like to incorporate the title.

Well.  We are going to end up voting for them.  No one has submitted a picture yet for the cover challenges.  I guess we could be open minded about what the challenge is - Are you suggesting people can submit photos for the front and back covers and the front foto should have a title?

I think it is a good idea.  How about 4 entry photos max - 2 for the front and 2 for the back?  My only hesitation is someone votes for the picture and the title does not fit. Would you like to suggest a title we all use in our front cover entry - or should we make that part of the challenge? There will be a title on the binding - maybe that would compensate for a bad title on the front?


PS: Blurb has 2 landscape sizes 8x10 inches and 11x13 inches. The aspect ration is just a bit different.  I was thinking when we make the book - we would just make both sizes at the same time (we can compensate with margins for the difference in aspect ratios, if needed).  Then people can buy cheap versions for themselves and the expensive version as gifts

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