Amazon open box deal on A77/16-50

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Re: Amazon open box deal on A77/16-50

Just thought I would give an update here.

I called Amazon Monday evening to inquire as to why the camera had not shipped yet. I explained that Amazon usually ships next business day and I had hoped to have the camera by the weekend. The customer service rep was very nice. He looked into it and said the camera would ship the next day, and without my asking he upgraded me to 2-day shipping for free so I would have it by the weekend!

The camera arrived Wednesday evening - ahead of the memory card I had also ordered, so there wasn't much I could do with it other than check the condition and charge the battery. It came in the original box with all the original items and packing material. I could tell it had been used because the battery had a 15% charge, the user manual looked like it had been thumbed through, and on the bottom of the camera I could see a very slight rub from the camera having been mounted on a tripod. Other than that, it looked like new without even a single finger print to be found on the camera or lens.

Yesterday I downloaded the new firmware (it had 1.0.4), put in the card, hooked up the lens and tried it out during the evening in the house. It was a fun couple of hours, but I can see that I have a lot of learning to do before I get good indoor pictures. I must say I love the 16-50 lens though - very nice and feels high quality. Unfortunately, I did not realize that the new firmware would reset the picture numbering back to zero so I have no way (that I am aware of) of knowing how many pictures were taken with it. Considering it was a 30 day return, I am hoping not too many.

Today I got home early enough that I had 1/2 an hour of light as the sun was going down to mess around with the camera outdoors. I put on my old Minolta 50/2.8 macro lens and went out to take a few plant pictures just for fun to see how the lens worked. I tried a bunch of different settings just to mess around. While I obviously have a bunch of learning to do, I was happy with some of the initial shots despite the blown highlights. Nothing to right home about, but some bright colors to be sure.

Now I need to figure out how to test the camera out fully before the 30 day return period. I also need to figure out how to test all my lenses and do the micro adjustments. Does anyone know now to date the cameras based on serial numbers? I have heard of problems with some of the early ones and am wondering what batch mine is from.

Anyway, so far the camera seems to be working fine and my "open box" experience has started off very well. I would certainly recommend this as a good way to go to save a bit of money.


P.S.  These are just a few quick OOC JPEG yard shots using the default settings.

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