RX100 slip case - i know its been done to death, but none seem right for me.

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Re: RX100 slip case - i know its been done to death, but none seem right for me.

asmd wrote:

DavidC wrote:

I tried lots of cases (probably 7 or 8). The one I use now is made by Sony, fits the camera with the Franiec Grip, is well made, and cheap (though cost was not an issue in my decision - who's going to skimp protecting an expensive camera like the RX100?). It is an excellent fit for the camera. I tried two leather cases too but was not happy with them for various reasons (like too cramped, or would not fit the camera with the Franiec Grip fitted). This is the product:


The Sony case has a zip, and my Lowepro case that i was using yesterday which also has a zip scratched the paint off my RX100.

I would advise against using a compact case with a zip. Most compact camera bodies dont mar as easily as the RX100.



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It hasn't scratched my RX100.  The zip does not touch the camera.

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