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Petruska wrote:

I think the explanation is simple if you look at my gmaut chart. The AdobeRGB gamut is much larger than the sRGB, you chose blue/green values that were within the AdobeRGB color space gamut, when you converted it to sRGB color space, the out of sRGB gamut colors (AdobeRGB blues/greens) were replaced with the closest sRGB in gamut colors. Now as you see in my gamut chart the printers can print some of the Adobe RGB and sRGB colors, especially in the blue/green area. Looks like you got exactly what should happen.

This is why I only use sRGB throughout my workflow. I only make prints so even though I could see more colors (AdobeRGB/ProPhoto) with a web photo, I don't post photos on the web.

Also when I do everything in sRGB and have a custom lab make me prints they are usually very close to my monitor.

Bob P.

Thanks for your comments which are very logical (as usual).

One of our son's uses aRGB for his image processing and when he sends Photo files (usually of Family) I have unusual difficulties with trying to print the Photos while in aRGB -- but (before my mentioned project - for the Great Grand Daughters two color mixing chart for their Art Class activities) I had never noticed the changed RGB values (for selected colors) when I converted to sRGB to process and print.

My entire processing routine is using sRGB so I have little (to no) experience with others such as ProPhoto, aRGB, etc.

Obviously, we never get to old to learn.  Thanks again, Bob.... 

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