1980s Press/Pro Photographers load out?

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Re: How good are the old lenses on digital?

Good Golly, Miss Molly!!!

What a rush.  Mike and Enrico's comments are closest to my experience.

I was college-paper semi-pro (but with a coveted Press Pass!) from 1972-75.  Ummm.  Then a buncha photography after that (light commercial and wedding).

The PJ work was all on Tri-X; the later work on various color emulsions (with the weddings on that print emulsion that needed refrigeration; what was it?; great tonal scales and pastels though.)

The lenses i remember are the 24/f2.8, 35/f2, 50/f1.4, 105/f2.5 and (be still my beating heart) the 180/f2.8.   Of the set, the one that i found most useful was the 105.  I got to the point where i could simply "see" the 105 frame with my naked eye.  I never achieved that again.

The dad gum zooms absolutely impede one's ability to do so.

All of those items were from the pool.  I have all the lenses except the 180 (which i should have bought to capture my daughter's ballet . . . another story).

Anyway, folks, this is a great thread.  I simply *knew* that there were others out there with my experiences.  Thank you.

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gary ray

PS  I cannot sell my AIS lenses, nor my FM3a, or F100 . . . well, okay, the brassed-up 1979 FM either . . . and there is that EM on the shelf . . . and a coupla E series lenses . . . Crikey! what an irrational idiot i am.

Semi-professional in early 1970s; just a putzer since then. interests: historical sites, virginia, motorcycle racing. A nikon user more by habit than choice; still, nikon seems to work well for me.

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