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Re: That poll is useless

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1100+ shots. Had 3 spots. Used blower and sensor loupe and issue gone. Never had spot show up in normal use. Only found when I went looking for it. ymmv

you're lucky

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Do you have the issue of excess oil/dust on your Nikon D600 sensor that has been discussed in the DPreview forums lately?

That poll is entirely useless. [...]

ok but a lot of people have this problem with their D600, if you read this forum or if you see for ex. flickr you can see most of the buyers have had this dust and oil spotting issue

this is a real problem, we want only know what is the position of Nikon about

How is this in any way a real problem when the complaints are so statistically insignificant, with nothing factual known about the credibility, usage, or testing conditions of the respondents? Every last one of them could be Canon trolls for all we know.

How can you possibly say most buyers have an issue when we haven't even heard from 1% of buyers? Do you see why this is so ridiculous? I struggle as to why this needs to be explained. People throw around words like "Most" or "all" as if they have spoken to hundreds of thousands of people. Perhaps 9/10 people will write about their problem but at best 1/10 people will come here to say how happy they are. That goes for any product, not just cameras. There are always more happy users than unhappy users with pretty well any product, but looking on forums of any kind you would never know that.

Show me a single piece of factual, credible, and proven evidence that can be backed up with real scientific data that suggests most of these hundreds of thousands of D600's sold have this issue? Nobody can do that, that I guarantee. A few forum links from people who we know nothing about don't count, which is all that has been flying around here for the past month.


a lot of people have this problem: if you read this forum or other forums, or nikonrumors, or if you search into flickr etc, you can see a some people (not all the owners, ok??? not all, but some owners) have had this dust issue with D600

for these people is a problem

so we can say for some owners (NOT ALL) this is a problem, and these owners (NOT ALL D600 OWNERS) want know what is the position of Nikon about, because they want a way to fix this defect

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