What Photo Printer Do You Use?

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Re: What Photo Printer Do You Use?

mistermejia wrote:

I am sure that lots of you have your own photo printer at home and I didn't go into the "printer" threads because there is nothing going on there.

I just started doing some research on what "dedicated photo printer" i should buy, i already have an all-in-one but it doesn't print "top notch" photos so i don't need another all-in-one, i just want a really high quality PHOTO printer. I am looking at the Canon Pro9000 Mark II that some one is offering me for $130 dollars. I would like to do black & white prints but i hear this printer is not good for B&W. I am only interested in printing 4X6, 8X10 and the 13X19 sounds interesting too.

I used to have a really good Canon i960 which was really good for color printer, i never printed a B&W with it though.

Any input from you guys? This could be as complicated as buying a new camera for i am sure there are different opinions and specs, but that is what i would like to hear from you.


I don't use a photo printer. Even without the printer costs, the cost of good paper and ink is obscene for retail buyers.

1) If I want cheap prints, CVS/Walmart/BJ's all can print my photos for less than I can using any decent printer.

2) My local photo store does very nice prints for a very reasonable price.

Bottom Line - I can get better prints for lower cost using professionals.

Many printers are sold at/below the cost of making them b/c companies like Canon and Epson make enormous profits on ink.  The (computer) best decision I ever made was dumping my "cheap" color inkjet printer for a black/white laser printer.  Instead of buying ink all the time, I buy a new cartridge once a year.

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