before/after interior design lighting setup [images + shooting notes]

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Re: before/after interior design lighting setup [images + shooting notes]

Vlad S wrote:

Please do tell about the lighting. In hindsight, do you think it would have been possible to simplify it?

Looking back, even with the benefit of another year's experience in lighting interior design shots, I don't think I could have simplified things! Given the large amount of mirror in the frame, options were very limited indeed and it took a painstaking trial-and-error process of small adjustments.

One thing that I have done more since then is to place strobes in the scene itself and then Photoshop them out. That can be very effective, but it can be a lot of work and you do have to be careful about placement and flare.

Looking at the image again, here are some of the things I did with the strobes:

  • on the floor in the doorway (behind camera, below countertop in mirror) facing up and away from the scene to bounce off the doors and wall and use that area as a big softbox.
  • on the floor in the shower stall (behind camera, below countertop in mirror) to illuminate the tile and ceiling in that area.
  • to camera right at about lens-level to accentuate wood face of countertop
  • to camera left below lens-level to accentuate wood face of counter and the blue tile floor

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