Street Dancer Challenge winner.

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Re: Street Dancer Challenge winner.

Marlyn0082 wrote:

Hi again,

Some of these people are photographers in my area, we usually discuss pictures (not only from dpreview) and give our opinions on what pictures we think are the best. It's rather beneficial and enriching to see other photographer's point of view. Knowing each other does not mean voting for each other. Here are the links to their galleries as well. Hope this answers your questions:

Maybe "knowing each other does not mean voting for eachother", but I do note that the distribution of the voting on both of your images (most clustered around 3 stars, with a spike of 5 star ones) is typically more skewed than other entries (which usually, but not always, have a distribution that doesn’t have a gap between most of the votes and a big spike of 5 star votes).

Here's some states about the userid's that I asked you about that suggest (they don't prove it, but they suggest it to me) that there could be people who know eachother voting for eachother.

Henry G - joined Sep 14 2012,
total comments: 2 (on your two images, one on “Acing Poker” in the "Card games" challenge and the other on “Tender Love” in the "The female form in black and white" challenge... two otherwise seemingly unrelated challenges)
votes cast: 2
No other activities (forum posts, challenge entries, comments on other challenge entries, gallery uploads) on the website

Marleny Almeida - Joined Sep 12 2012
Total comments: 1 (on your "Tender love" entry)
Votes cast: 1
No other activities on the website

Trosky - joined Sep 13 2012
Total comments: 1 (on your "Tender Love" entry)
Votes cast: 2
no other activities on the website

Laly7 - joined Sep 12 2012
Total comments: 1 (on your "Tender love" entry)
Votes cast: 2
no other activities on the website

Joined Sep 14 2012
Total comment: 5 (two on your two entries, three on entries by Carlos)
Votes cast: 0
No other activities on the website

Don Quijote de La Habana - Joined Sep 7 2012
Total comments: 0
Votes cast: 5
Challenge entries: 3
Photos uploaded: 4

Again, like I noted above, I don't think that any of the above relates in any way to breaking of rules of this website. However, just because no specific rules were broken does not mean that I have to believe that the entries in those challenges were ranked in a fair and unbiased manner.

The fact that this seems to be a routine kind of occurrence here, with challenge results not reflecting the consensus opinion of the site members (but instead being affected by coordinated efforts by groups or individuals), is the main reason I stopped entering challenges.

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