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Can someone explain ?....

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Petruska wrote:

I don't know why anyone that is printing would edit in ProPhoto color space as wide gamut monitors are going to show hues that can't possibly print....

Here is a comparison of the color spaces to the gamuts of the the Epson 2880 and 4900 and as you can see you can't print all the colors of any color space.

Bob P.

As part of a project to create a two color mixing chart for our Great Grand Daughters, we downloaded a Basic Color Wheel that was in aRGB. I measured each of the areas using Photoshop Info sampler -- while in aRGB.

Then, converted the entire file to sRGB and saved to a different file name and Measured each of the areas using Photoshop Info sampler -- while in sRGB.

The below color groups were significantly different for the two color types with RGB values as indicated on the Color Wheel.

There is no wonder why there are significant differences for printed Photo image File(s) in aRGB as compared to sRGB.

Even though some of the other color modes are reported as being better, my preference is to use sRGB throughout the entire Photo Image processing and printing. This has helped me to get more consistent results with excellent printed Photos.

Yellow / Green

Blue (a slight difference)

Blue / Violet


Red / Violet

Red /Orange (a slight difference)

Bob, I would appreciate any comments you may offer.

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Is there anyone that would refer to the below post (in this thread) and advise if the difference in RGB values of an image converted from aRGB to sRGB as indicated in the post and included image file -- is logical or normal.

I had not detected this before the mentioned project to realize this RGB change occurs.  I will appreciate any comments regarding this.

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