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sgoldswo wrote:

None of those if you want low light ability. Either you need to go for a full frame body (personally I suspect a 5D II or Nikon D700 are the best DSLRs that won't break the bank for that) or you need to look at the Fuji X cameras which have similar ISO performance to the D700 (but have other issues you can find out about on the Fuji Forum).

I agree. Full frame is the way to go to get lower noise (at the cost of a shallower DoF) than the NEX cameras. The 5D III is about 1 1/2 stops better.

I am not convinced the Fuji X cameras are any better than the NEX cameras at high ISO, but I am pretty convinced that both are as good as it gets at APS-C right now. I saw a lot of examples based on DPR images that seemed to show incredible high-ISO performance relative to the NEX-7. I decided to check it out, and imported DPRs NEX-7 RAWs into Aperture myself (I had to use with JPGs for the X-Pro as RAW is not yet supported).

This is what I found (both shots at 1/1000s f/8):

I didn't process the RAW at all, just imported it, so no sharpening. Neither of these are what I'd call disastrously noisy given the degree of pixel peeping needed to get down to this level of detail. I also don't see much of a difference between the two.

The image I got seems a lot better than DPRs. My guess is that RAW processors evolve, and the latest version of Apple's RAW converter is better than the Adobe converter used by DPR when they tested (the latest version of that may also have improved).

Comparing OOC JPGs would be another matter. There's no doubt the Fuji JPG engine is one of the best.

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