My Nikon vent!

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8mycash wrote:

Robert Newman wrote:

I'm just curious if you really are going to get much use out of your 400mm and 600mm lenses. That is a lot of money tied up in lenses that I would only use once or twice a year. In fact I seldom use my 300mm lens. Of course your photography needs my require these long telephotos. If you do wildlife photography, for example, this may be a good investment. I would look at perhaps a macro lens or a 16mm or 18mm prime or maybe even a perspective control lens.

Robert Newman - Dallas, TX

I love shooting wildlife. Eagles, bears, bison ect... I use them quite a bit, my favorite lens however is the 200mm f2. Perfect for pretty much anything! Ya my wives poodles didn't do much to scare off the thieves. I walked in while they were still there, I came home early. Looks like they had taken one load and had returned to loan up again. I walked in the front, they scrambled out the back.

I am sorry for your loss. I am glad to hear you had proper insurance. Most people think regular home/renters insurance will cover them. Most coverage is usually only $250 worth on camera equipment. I am always shocked when I talk with other photography business owners that think they have coverage when they dont.

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