Why I don't foresee a FF NEX anytime soon.

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Re: Just admit your old ID and move on :)

Everdog wrote:

Seriously, why are you hiding the truth? YOU and most people here know you are not being truthful which says something about your credibility.

Maybe my "old" ID is the same as the source of your source that told you about the new 1" sensored Nex, namely: not existent

If Sony does't announce a smaller verion of the NEX in 12 months, I'll admit I am wrong. You would instead change your ID again, LOL!

Why are you discussing my ID but not revealing the source that told you that Sony will come with the Nex-s? Whart tells that baout your creditbility?

btw, I am usually right about Sony. I said there would be no VF for first 3 and 5 models. I said Sony would not release most newly designed lenses (rebranded lenses don't count) until Q4 each year (some have spilled over to Q1 the following year). I also said from day 1 that NEX is Sony's future and not Alpha.

It is a lot like a fortune teller, allways claiming the things they got right, but never tell the many things they got wrong....

It is sad though that you aren't credible enough to admit the truth about yourself and your new forum ID.

Why do I have to disclose something that is only living in your mind? You claim that most people here knows I'm not truthful, but I've found only you telling this lie, can you show me one post that is doubting my creditbility, other then written by you? If not, then don't use this kind of lies.

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