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Re: program not compatible.. Windows emulation?

Undah wrote:

I found a program, proshow producer, that doesn't work with macs. It's used to make slideshows with photos and video. Do makes have built-in Windows emulation? Is it easy to find one that works well?

Macs can run Windows two ways. You can create a separate partition on your hard drive that has Windows on it, then reboot the entire Mac into Windows running off of that partition. This basically turns the Mac into a Windows machine and is called Boot Camp.

The second way is virtualization. You can run virtualization software like Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, Virtualbox, etc. that can run Windows as another app running alongside all other Mac apps you have up. You can then run your Windows apps inside that virtual machine. This works much like it would if you already have experience running virtual machines under Windows.

VirtualBox is free, Parallels and VMWare are not, but all including BootCamp require that you have a Windows license to use on this installation.

I don't know of good alternatives to ProShow, nor do I have experience with it, but I think from these forums and others I have the impression that there aren't really any Mac equivalents. While many Mac programs can do slide shows, I keep reading that the lack of anything comparable to the feature set of ProShow is a major disappointment for many Windows-to-Mac switchers. You will probably have to run Windows in some form so that you can run ProShow.

The advantage of virtualization over Boot Camp is that you can run your Windows apps at the same time as your Mac apps, instead of choosing one environment or the other.

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