Just how good is the 20/1.7?

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Re: Just how good is the 20/1.7?

Pasmia wrote:

I've read multiple threads similar to my situation but nothing quite exact. There are a few that I've read about people 'upgrading' from the 20 to PL25 and even quite a bit that have both, but a majority of people/threads are simply making an initial purchase of one over the other.

I'm afraid I can't help you on the specific point of whether you'll be more or less happy if you "cross-grade" from the PL25mm to the 20mm.  I bought the 14mm instead of the 20mm, then saved for the PL25mm, and I love that lens too.  I've used the 20mm on a friend's camera, and didn't care for the sluggish AF speed - but optically, it's fine.

However, I guess you sort of hit the spot about the $200 or so and I think it's sort of silly to consider that into 'downgrading' to the 20mm. It's not like $200 won't come along in the future, but I'll admit to two things here, 1. I have a hard time not spending disposable cash lying around and 2. I have a severe itch for a something new. [...]

My point still stands though, I'm kind of burnt out on Lumix and I still think the PL25 is a bit too bulky. Maybe I should just buy a 20/1.7 and compare them for myself, keep the appropriate one and react accordingly. Just hopefully, I don't fall in love with both of them.

If I was in your shoes, I'd say use one of the tricks to keep you from spending the money for a little while (freeze it in a block of ice, have a trusted friend hold it, put it in 90-day bonds/certificates you can't sell early, whatever), and save until you can afford the E-M5 (with or without the 20mm), then sell your G3 and get the E-M5.  Keep all your glass.  Don't sell a lens until you find you don't use it anymore.


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