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Sigma 400/5.6 and technique to approach small birds....

Greyser wrote:

Interesting observation. Thank you.

I had a few encounters with the older Sigma long telephotos: two Sigma 100-300/4 and one 400/5.6 TeleMacro (unfortunately with crippled AF).

I'll let you know in a week!

Just ordered a manual focus Sigma 400mm f/5.6 APO with Pentax-A mount (auto aperture). Yeah, manual focus! I haven't seen any litterature on this one, but it should be interesting. I've seen very sharp pictures from the APO telemacro, and this one is apparently very close. We shall see. I'll aslo test it with the Sigma 2x TC EX DG, if i can fit it on.

I currently have the Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 i use with 2xTC, and I'm hoping the 400 f/5.6 will be a bit better, being a prime, with native 400mm rather than with a 2x TC and hopefully being less abused than my 70-200. I'll also be able to enter the correct focal length on the SR, as the TC is ignored by Pentax. And hopefully it will work with the TC too.

As for the 70-200 + 2X TC, it's pretty sharp at f/5.6 (=f/11 with TC), especially in the center. But leaving the center and going towards the edges, the image breaks down fast... Resolution, contrast, saturation all take a big hit, and vignetting kicks in too, even on the crop sensor...

What i'd like to know more about is how to get closer to birds / bring them to you.

Falcon Wizard, can you give us a few tips in this regard? Do you use a hide? Camo? Bird seeds (no i'm not kidding)? I spent 3 hours in the yard today, birds were chirping all over the place, but the closest i could get was about 30 meters from a little robin redbreast... He was about the same size as the central AF square in the viewfinder at 400mm, i probably got 12 pixels on him!

It was still thrilling to watch him sing through the viewfinder, and I would like to take birding a little more seriously...


Perhaps due to my limited time with these lenses (I decided do not keep them) I came to interesting conclusion: these Sigmas did not withstand aggressive cropping as well as similar aged Pentax FA* or newer DA* lenses, especially when shot is taken with assistance of 1.4-1.7x TC.

Most likely it is only mine observation, though. Could you comment on this please?

Thank yoiu in advance,


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