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ChefAlex wrote:

Hi all, this will be my last thread in the NEX forum. I have just sold my NEX 7 and all the gear I had for it. I love the comfort of the small size and quality of the build, tri-navi and other features but the low light capabilities were killing me. At ISO 400, there would be considerable amount of noise in the photos and PP took too much time and effort.

I am moving over Canon as I have already started using their glass. One question for you would be, which camera body to choose? 60d, 7d, 650d or maybe another suggestion?

The NEX 7 is 24 MP so it will look worse at the pixel level, but that is not how you view images. Images are printed or resized to something that fits screen dimensions, so they will generally look better. The NEX will look better than the Canon at similar output, but the Canon isn't bad either. All are APS-C.

How was the noise hurting your work? Weren't able to get low enough noise to sell stock photos, or something else?

If you really need better noise performance, all the APS-C cameras are going to be fairly close and you need to go to a larger sensor, or make sure to take a tripod and use ISO 400 or less if that is your cutoff point. I assume you are shooting RAW if you are this sensitive about mottling(noise) in high ISO shots?

A D600 looks like a very good value camera for noise, etc. Large pixel size will make it look better at the pixel level, etc. Also a used D700 or 5dII isn't much more than a NEX 7. But the particular models you are looking at? They are all great cameras, but I fear you will be less happy with noise performance from those than the NEX 7.  If you want high ISO JPEG you might look into a Fuji X Pro1 or X-E1, they both have very low noise JPEGs from camera.


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