No bailouts for Sony, Panasonic, or Sharp

Started Nov 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: No bailouts for Sony, Panasonic, or Sharp

rio911 wrote:

You are kidding right? And probably still believe in Santa?

The fact that Sony posted poor financial results, means that they simply hid their profits very well, i.e. like buying a company like Olympus.

If a company like Sony, and Sharp and Panasonic for that matter, companies that are OEM = Original Equipment Manufacture, if they go under, what is going to happen to the companies buying from them like Nikon, Apple, etc...

Just my 2cents,


Yes, lets see how good Pentax will be when they have to crawl back begging to Samsung for sensors. Maxie aka Gotta Love Em, ol'bean, good to see you've come out of the closet although I'm surprised you didn't post one of your pics of your dream lovers?  No matter what Moody's says, the imagining division of Sony is one that is posting profit... yes, maybe 60% loss in the P&S end but that is only a small piece of the imaging division. But then again finance and math aren't maxipads strong suit. <shrug> Oh, and go thumb me, moron. lol

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