6TB Hard Drives might be the new normal for the D800

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Re: 6TB Hard Drives might be the new normal for the D800

fft81 wrote:

Hawaii-geek wrote:

I just happened to look at my image/photo drive ... which is a relatively new Seagate XT 3TB 64mb cache 5 year warrentee Hard Drive (bought for the D800 image files) ... (also have a 3TB external, back up) http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Barracuda-7200RPM-Internal-ST33000651AS/dp/B004VLZSHE

and I am a little surprised that it looks like by the end of this year I will probably have burned thru this 3TB HD ! WoW.

Now this leads me to believe that a 6 TB XT will probably be the new normal by next year. 6TB 3.5 inch internal. (with a 6 TB external back up).


Thought I could just run with 3TB drives ... but a 6 TB hard drive at us$300 aprox. would make me move to larger drives. (even though I could raid 3TB HDs). imho, the us$300 price would probably happen right around the time enough was out there (Reviews) to know that they are reliable.

interesting that as far back as Cheeta (10,000rpm) I had stopped using Seagate ... and it looks like I am slowly moving back. back then I remember saying I would never use Seagate again.

But, of course my main drives are SSD. "plural".

Just thought I would share my thought that shooting RAW 14-bit with the D800 over these past months has moved me from the idea that 3TB HD's was a sweet spot ... to my new reality , that by next year 6 TB HD's will probably be my new normal. Am amazed at how my feelings has changed so quickly.

Hope this helps someone,


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Whew, sounds like i am safe for now with my 10TB raid.

yeah me too. I'm glad I invested on my 32Gb RAID a while back to back photos and other data.

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