Anyone have a Fusion mini yet?

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Re: Anyone have a Fusion mini yet?

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The other is you have no control what is on the Fusion SSD. Do you really want your iTunes on the SSD just because you listen to it a lot or all your emails because you use them a lot? Or would you prefer to have total control of where your Photoshop scratch, Lightroom catalogs are 100% of the time? Now that won't happen with Fusion as you don't decide. You load your new photos on and they will go onto the standard drive if you are only referencing the files in Lightroom. As you do more and more work on time or get towards finishing the work you want to do with them they will most likely come over to the SSD. With a separate SSD and standard hard drive you could have put the photos straight onto the SSD yourself whilst you work on them and put your iTunes library on the standard hard drive where speed is not so important.

The point is that the idea of the Fusion Drive is that a larger percentage of you reads and writes happen from and to the SSD that you ever could proportion it yourself (given an SSD of the same size).

For songs it might not matter so much but it allows for a simple example: imagine there are 100 songs you listen to fairly frequently, would you ever go to the length of placing those 100 songs on your SSD? No, nobody would be that granular. Or for e-mails, let's place the e-mail database on the SSD and the attachments on the HDD. Could you do that yourself? And can you manually split a file on the block level between a SSD and a HDD because 99% of time only part of the file is read?

Sure, Fusion Drive could be improved by adding file metadata that would allow the user to say: keep these files always on the SSD and these always on the HDD. But there is almost no scenario where using the SSD as a write cache (which is one of things Fusion Drive does) is not better than any manual proportioning.

My point is that Fusion Drive, if it is smart enough, could easily be better than any manual proportioning. Whereas you seem to already be absolutely sure that it will not and cannot be better.

You might want to read this:

And this might interest you:

(This is based on an official Fusion Drive implementation.)

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