New official K-5II vs K-5IIs comparison shots on

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Re: New official K-5II vs K-5IIs comparison shots on

halil selman nsel wrote:

as far as i know there should be more ''IQ'' difference if wider apertures were preferred....

anyway, i should buy k5 II as a wedding photographer....

I can see some difference on my monitor (Asus ProArt) though it is subtle. Maybe there would be more difference if a) the lens is used at its optimum aperture for sharpness (here, perhaps f4-5.6 rather than f7.1) and b) the development is from RAW rather than OOC jpegs. That said, these shots are taken with one of Pentax's sharpest lenses, the DA* 55mm, so this might show the max difference which can be achieved; the difference on more modest lenses might be quite hard to see at all. Can't help thinking the real difference maybe when printing. Not sure this is all worth 150 ukp (238 dollars) plus moire risks. So, overall, this is another internet comparison which is too compromised to be more than a pointer.

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