Just how good is the 20/1.7?

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Re: Just how good is the 20/1.7?

Steven 2 wrote:

I added the 25mm recently to the 20mm I had for a while and I understand what you mean about the bulk. the 20mm is definitely very compact and you can totally forget about it when it hangs around your neck. the speedy operation of the 25mm is a pleasant surprise though compared to the 20mm.

I would also consider the new Olympus 17mm/1.8 that will be coming out soon. I don't know the dimensions yet, but it could be smaller than the Pana 25mm.

I thought about this.  But then you have the whole champagne color mismatch crap going on if you own the silver EM5.  I've got a serious case of OCD and this is like having one wheel on my car without a hub cap on... I will end up doing something about it.  Have you seen special edition black Oly 45 yet?  I needed it to look a little weird on my G3, so I put some matte black auto vinyl on it.

Also, I'm simply dumbfounded at the price Oly is asking for the 17/1.8. Considering that I'm really in love with Fuji's OOC jpegs, I might just pick up an X100 as a 2nd body to have in the future.  It'll be faster swapping between the 50mm EFL and 35 EFL this way than having both the PL25 and 20/1.7 lenses. Used or refurb x100s can be had for the same price as the 17/1.8.  Two cameras > one camera.

IMO, the 17/1.8 brings the worst of both worlds.  It's got a heftier price tag than the PL25 AND it's bigger than the 20/1.7.  It's got a smaller aperture than the PL25 and it's got less 3D pop than the 20/1.7 (amount of background blur due to FL + aperture).  But what it does have going for it, and I'm assuming here, is that I'm pretty sure it'll focus faster and quieter than either of the Pannys... that's about it though.

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