D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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Re: D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

primeshooter wrote:

fft81 wrote:

I have D800. I find it hard to shoot indoors without a flash using nikon 24-70. Don't even think about shooting d800 freehand slower than 1/125th of a second without VR. Outside the 24-70 at 1/500th of a second or faster works very well. I absolutely love 70-200 VR2 on the d800. I still have not tried 14-24 on it, but that is not a lens you would use for most weddings anyways. If you going to shoot d800 get a mono-pod for indoor shots or 70-200 vr2 in decent light might cut it.

I don't think you completely get this so i'll put you right. You said don't even think of using 1/125th? You have no mention of focal length. Actually, with a 14-24 you could easily use this speed and get sharp shots if your good. At 70mm, likely you still could depending on alot of other factors like subject motion, your handholding ability etc etc.. It is totally related to focal length and final output size. You can't just come here making blanket sweeping statements like "don't shoot the D800 under 1/125," it's pretty misleading to others.

Please don't put words into my mouth. I said with 24-70 indoors. Final output is irrelevant, because what you are dealing here with is a "1-pixel shift blur". Your statement about 14-24mm lense is also completely irrelevant, because it has different focal range and hence different angular range, which in turn translates into different (lower) angular resolution.

To give you some credit, yes focal length is important and at 24mm it would be easier to handhold d800 than at 70mm. The catch is: the normal 1/focal length shutter speed for 24-70 on d800 does not apply. On d800 it is more like 1/(6*focal length) for a non-vr lens.

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