A Tale of Two (old) Zooms 28-135 vs 75-300

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Re: Improved comparison chart

sensibill wrote:

Thanks, I was hoping to spare someone the initial confusion I had in figuring out which lens looked like what (and which was better).

If Dyxum can be taken at face value, each iteration of the 75-300 got worse, with the initial change in optics from Beercan version from 13/11 elements to 13/10 being the most notable difference but as I think we've seen, the 'New' is a decent 300mm - especially for the price!

When I get the 'D' or 'II' from my friend I'll post comparisons. Until then all I have to compare with is the SH, which is somewhat apples to oranges.

I'll be curious to see what you come up with. I haven't shot with the "D", but I still have a "II" in my possession, as well as the non-APO 100-300, which seems to get a pretty bad rap. I should probably take them out and shoot some more, but I want to sell them and they're both in amazing shape. Things in my possession tend to lose their sparkle fairly quickly..lol.

And again, I completely agree. The "New" is pretty solid for under $100. I can't afford Z's or G's, so it's always a thrill when I stumble upon a lens with good IQ that doesn't break the bank. Kind of like finding that one awesome jacket that all your friends drool over, that you bought for $5 in the thrift store

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