The good, the bad & the ugly: New computer adventures so far...

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Re: The good, the bad & the ugly: New computer adventures so far...

David Lal wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

After years of comfort with 32 bit XP it was time to upgrade before I was forced to buy a Windows 8 machine. After all, I don't want to be dealing with 24MP files with a slow processor, 32 bit and 2 GB of memory! I anticipated some difficulties, but not this many!

Some years ago I built a machine myself


It's is a way to go for photographers. Not only for desktops. Brands make office machines, not for serious work. Clean sweep a fresh copy of Windows, SSD, fast RAM...

Win 8, ugly. I'm searchin shut down button, ohh ... but storage on cloud seems be future. Win7 64bit next 3 years to be good, and look Win 9 be there.

All external storages without box and software is simple HDD. Put in desktop PC and take all data from him.

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