In-Body IS vs. Optical IS

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Re: Got Proof?

Bob Meyer wrote:

bryanbrun wrote:

This is nonsense.

OMD stabilized video is leaps and bounds ahead of OIS old and new.

Panasonic OIS video simply cannot compete with the near steady cam performance of the OMD.

Proof? I see people saying this, but I've not seen one single test posted anywhere that actually proves this.

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There's any number of comparison videos out there, and they are all definitive: OMD 5 Axis IBIS video is superior to OIS.

There is an excellent video where a guy mounted a GH2 and a OMD on a remote controlled helipcopter. The OMD was obviously more stable than the GH2.

I'm surprised anyone would even argue this point. OMD 5 Axis video is next generation technology, OIS will join Kodak in the waste bin of photographic history.

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