Hate to admit it, but I have the AF issue. Going to make a case with Nikon. Any advice?

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Re: left/right AF asymmetry

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Nobody disputes the importance of a proper target. But, please, enlighten me regarding the following dilemma. If the target is left/right symmetrical, light is uniform, focal plane is parallel to the target plane then why on Earth left-AF sensor perform differently from corresponding right-AF sensor?


Don't ask me, ask Nikon. Never the less, page 100 is clear about that, since one example is exactly the target you are describing, like a bar code, which some times is a good target other times it is not and it is always good target for the center, cross type sensor.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is where Leonard has been wrong too.

You are referring to the 3rd example on page 100 where it says:

"The subject is dominated by regular geometric patterns. Example: Blinds or a row of windows in a skyscraper."

In that case, Nikon specifically says "the subject is dominated by..." In the other cases they say "the focus point contains."

It makes sense that the camera couldn't focus on a set of window blinds if the window blinds were bigger than the area under the focus point. However, if you were far enough away, that the blinds created vertical detail under the focus point, then the camera would work properly.

THAT is what Nikon meant. Case closed.

I see. So you decided case closed and that's it? Fine by me, I couldn't care less since my camera is OK. Just trying to help, but never mind...

You weren't trying to help.  You were saying a target with symmetry is a poor target.  Nikon doesn't say that at all.

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