D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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Re: D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

To avoid blurry handheld photos due to camera shake, a camera such as the D800/E absolutely needs to be used at much higher shutter speeds. Thus, these higher shutter speed requirements in order to obtain sharp photographs handheld do not make this camera a particularly good candidate for low light wedding photos. The alternative, I suppose, would be to jack up ISO (degrading picture quality) or going with wider apertures (reducing depth of field). However, neither option is likely to be a good one for wedding photography. If you cracker jacks above had properly considered how the OP was going to use his/her camera, you could have omitted your irrelevant comments. You are going to get blurry photos hand holding the D800/E camera under these conditions.

Spoken like a true D800(E) non-user.  Mine works fine handheld, at high ISO, in low light---with better image quality than my D3's at the same 14X print enlargement.

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